Work in progress performance at SITE Santa Fe

Work-In-Progress Performance

SITE Santa Fe

The collaborators came together in July of 2022 for a one-week residency in Santa Fe co-hosted by SITE Santa Fe and the Santa Fe Institute. The Santa Fe retreat, which included eight singers and the participation of local veterans, culminated in a sold out work-in-progress performance at SITE Santa Fe on Thursday, July 14.

  • City  Santa Fe, NM

  • Venue  SITE Santa Fe

  • Conductor  Carmen Florez-Mansi

  • Choir Members  Members of the Santa Fe Symphony Orchestra Chorus

  • Musicians  Alejandro Escuer, flutist; Paul Roth, pianist; Diana Sharpe, percussion

  • Veterans  Daniel Craig, Phi-Anh Lutz, Brice Williams

  • Actors  Cristina Vigil

  • Sponsors  SITE Santa Fe, Santa Fe Institute

  • Partners 

  • Local Production Support  Site Santa Fe



Rehearsals of original score by Gabriela Ortiz
Flutist Alejandro Escuer and composer Gabriela Ortiz in rehearsal

After more more than a year and a half of collaborative work on this project, the performance at SITE Santa Fe marked the first time that the collaborative group was able to hear the original composition by Gabriela Ortiz played with live music.

Panel talk following work-in-progress performance at SITE Santa Fe


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